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Posted at February 13th, 2019

Euro Elite ProfitsClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Ryan Janssens and before you go any further I want to show you my stats from this years football betting…

As you can see I have won 97 bets so far this season winning over 70% of the time. I don’t bet in August as the leagues are just getting underway and I use this time to look over how teams are performing and get an early idea of performance levels and how the new signings are doing.

A lot of tipsters will claim hundreds of points per month profit, but a lot of the time this is misleading.

I place a maximum of 4 bets per day (this is usually on a weekend when there’s more action) but that is the maximum, normally its 2-3 on a Saturday and 1-2 bets each day. There are the odd days in the week when there are no bets due to there being no fixtures in the leagues I cover.

I cover all the top European Leagues including the Austrian, Belgium, Danish, Netherlands and Portugese leagues as well as the big French, German, Spanish action, not forgetting the Premier League and Scottish Prem.

The odds are usually poor but you do find the odd fixtures with decent odds. I’ve had single win bets this season with odds of 4/1 and it was a comfortable win too just as I thought it would be.

Placing an ACCA is not a long term strategy, I like a big bet (with low stakes) as much as the next punter, but only backing 5 team+ acca’s consistently will lead to 2 things. Long losing runs and your bank ending up down. Of course you’ll be over the moon when you land one but then you’ll forget about all the losses… Read more…

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