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Winter Season Ticket MAIN

Posted at February 13th, 2019

Winter Season Ticket MAINClick Image To Visit SiteI can talk about my members’ club all day but in truth, why should you believe me? I thought i’d kick off with some feedback from some of my loyal members… hopefully the community spirit comes across…

James M “Not only do you get the thorough daily insights from Josh himself, but the contributors to the blog are also worth their weight in gold. Of course it’s not some magical fairy tale land where each horse mentioned wins. That being said, the quite staggering highs definitely outweigh the short-term lows. Whether you be a casual punter (as I am) or a hardened race fanatic, if you are looking to further your education in the game, searching for long term profit (which is key) or just the sheer excitement of when one of their many amazing collective days of tipping all comes together, then I could not point you towards Racing to Profit quickly enough”

Darren C – “Thanks for the through the card post Josh . A couple of winners and a straight forecast meant i left up on the day. My first visit to Ponte and won’t be my last” (i’m happy to look through a card if a member is off racing) Paul B – “just a quick word from me, yesterday was the best day I have had betting, in addition to Nick’s fantastic efforts, Josh’s notes pointed out Rocco (test zone) and The Young Master (main jumps strategy) and a word too for Ken with a couple last night. Fantastic site this guys, keep the banter and contributions coming. Good luck all today” Andrew G – “Seems strange that there will be many punters out there in the betting world who pay extraordinary amounts for tips which struggle to offer a profit and yet this forum… Read more…

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